To:  My Representative and Senators in Congress,

Vote against any legislation for more “Skin In The Game,” or “Cost Sharing” from Medicare enrollees.  Please do not be influenced by any talk of bipartisan agreement.  Bad legislation is bad legislation regardless of the notion that it is bipartisan.

This is not good legislation for Medicare, Medicare enrollees, or the American taxpayer.

As it’s been presented, this notion could actually result in higher Medicare expenses, as well as the guaranteed higher costs to enrollees.

Plus, 50% of the Medicare Supplement policy choices that are currently offered today, Already Contain Cost Sharing Measures!!!  So why is there a need for more “Cost Sharing” when it already exists?

Just so you know, a nationwide survey conducted in 2012 found that nine out of ten Medigap or Medicare Supplement policyholders were satisfied with their coverage… and that 91% would recommend Medicare Supplement to their friends when they turn 65.

So, what do you have to gain by changing the Medicare Supplement program, when 90% of the people are happy with it???

Many large national associations and organizations have supplied written testimony and letters of fact finding to Congress stating that this is NOT good legislation, and indeed, would harm Medicare and Medicare enrollees.

With that said, I URGE you to talk to your fellow members and inform them that “cost sharing” and “more skin in the game” is not good legislation, and certainly not in the best interest of Medicare, Medicare recipients, nor the nation’s taxpayers.

Help us STOP THIS RAID On Medicare NOW!
Thank you!

If you have arrived at this page without seeing the “Medicare Outrage” video yet, Click Here.

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