Rescue Medicare

Why “Rescue Medicare Now?”

There are serious potential problems facing Medicare enrollees. That is why we chose the name “Rescue Medicare Now” before legislation is allowed to change the face of Medicare forever. 

Here are the problems:

90% of Med Supp Policyholders Are Satisfied With Their Coverage, So Why..?
  1. Medicare enrollees are facing serious “cost sharing” changes.
  2. Unless stopped, most Medicare enrollees will be expected to pay more for their Medicare coverage–as much as $3,050 at the beginning of each year.
  3. This will create a hardship on most enrollees.
  4. 66% of Medicare Supplement policyholders (6.5 to 7 million) will be discriminated against by a 20% Medicare Part B premium surtax on people who have plans C and F.
  5. Medicare Supplement policies will not be allowed  to cover the $550 up-front deductible.

How did this happen? There are politicians at work in Washington, D.C., who want to change the entire structure  of Medicare as we know it.  Strange as it may seem, no individual political party owns the concept, and proponents are busy gathering “bipartisan” support for the notion to be included in a FY 2014 budget bill.

Major proposals call for combining the Part A and Part B deductibles into one deductible of $550, and implementing a coinsurance requirement of 50% of the first $5,000 of expense, which would be $2,500, and when added to the $550 deductible, would create an up-front expense each year of which the Medicare Supplement policies would not be allowed to cover the $550.

Part of the change also would be to segregate and discriminate against 6.5 million of the 10 million Americans who currently have Medicare Supplement plans.  The proposals also have numerous provisions for completely changing the face of Medicare.

The idea of changing Medicare and Medicare Supplement products has been floating around Washington for nearly two years. It has found its way into the President’s fiscal year 2013 budget, into his FY 2014 budget,  into the Affordable Care Act, into the Simpson-Bowles deficit reduction committee recommendations, and into an even more important recommendation from MedPAC, an arm of Congress that advises the Congress on Medicare matters.

It is highly important that Medicare recipients are able to understand these issues and inform our lawmakers that nobody on Medicare is asking for these changes.  It is surprising that this issue surfaces at a time when 90% of the people on Medicare Supplements are satisfied with their coverage, and 91% recommend it to someone turning 65.

Thus, “Rescue Medicare Now” was born. The site is a place for you to learn about needless proposed changes, and have a voice either through blogging, or petition. Lawmakers need to be aware that you have a say in this matter.

“Rescue Medicare Now” is an up-to-date, real-time, forum dedicated to giving you sound information, thoughts, and recommendations to keep Washington from eliminating your Medicare choices. Since these thoughts are in front of lawmakers now, it is particularly important that Medicare Aged Americans, as well as those on Medicare (and boomers who will soon be Medicare enrollees), act now to deter needless legislation from being enacted. Your voice is needed.  Please hit the “Yes” button to indicate your support and help us provide information to Congress to defeat any further measures regarding “cost sharing.”

Please take the time to look through our library of White Papers to fully understand the implications of this onerous legislation.  Because the issue is so important and so immense we have provided you the information needed to help support this cause.